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World Dragon Day is an initiative of a number of groups and individuals around the world. Here are some of them… And you can join in by celebrating the Dragons, sharing and experiencing Dragon Energy too!

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Brazil    The Dragon Energy Center – Ana Vidal and Antoinette O’Connell

Ana Vidal was born in Brazil and lived in England from the 1990's to the 2000's. Her unique clearing and healing method combines the intuitive Brazilian style and techniques she learned both there and in the UK. She works with hands on healing, a radionics board, pendulum, flower, crystal, and vibrational essences as well as visualization techniques and other combined shamanic and intuitive methods.

After a successful career in journalism in Brazil she moved to England to work at the BBC World Service. Deciding to change paths, her next step was to work with refugees in London. In an effort to help those who had undergone a very acute state of suffering, Ana set up a project for survivors of torture within ‘The Refugee Arrivals' Project’.

In London, Ana studied Healing in the College of Psychic Studies and learned how to work with flower essences and other energetic techniques such as crystals and radionics, thus creating a unique style. Her work is the result of several years working with refugees and survivors of torture. She focuses her work on helping to relieve the emotional, mental and physical pain of people. She gives courses and has clients in several countries.

In 2006 whilst working in Ireland she met the homeopath and essence maker Antoinette O'Connell and together they started the Dragonlight Essences. Ana on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ana.vidal.129

Antoinette O'Connell has been co-creating essences since 1997. Her research shows that essences have a more rounded approach and has a gentle and stabilizing effect in the body. In over 20 years of practice she has been treating people, animals and has specialized in horses. She has been using her essences to treat both the psychological and physical problems of the animals and their owners.

She trained and worked in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA. Antoinette worked in cooperation with veterinary clinics, looking after ill and injured animals. In her work she also dealt with difficult and problematic animals for the Irish Horse Welfare Trust, where she treated and helped the recovery process of horses that had been mistreated and abused in the hands of their previous owners. Antoinette studied at the Devon School of Homeopathy and after graduating, she worked in Dublin and later became a director of The Irish School of Homeopathy.

In 1990, Antoinette was a founder member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths. She worked with the European Council of Homeopaths in writing the core curriculum now used as the standard for teaching  homeopathy in Europe and the USA. In 1999 she then moved on into using her own essences (crystal, plants, trees and vibrational) in her practice. In 2006 she met Ana Vidal and together they started the co-creation of the Dragonlight Essences and founded the Dragon Energy Center in 2007, in São Paulo.   Antoinette on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antoinette.oconnell.5

We specialize in energetic therapies and techniques that assist in restoring the well being of people, animals and places. To support all beings and the planet in this process, we have co-created the Dragonlight Essences. They connect us to the Earth and universal frequencies which best suit each one of us in our evolutionary process; helping us face our challenges and make any necessary changes in a positive and creative way. The Dragon energies arrived in 2005 bringing information and guidance to create the Dragonlight Essences.

Website in English: http://www.dragonenergycenter.com/

Website in Portuguese:  http://www.dragoncenter.com.br/

Eddie Van Feu - Brazil

I am Eddie Van Feu, author of the first book about Dragon Magick in Portuguese, and leader of the Rose Knights Order, that works with Dragons. I have been teaching Dragon Magick for some years. I am a Wiccan Witch and the author of a hundred published books.

Para ir mais longe é preciso sair do lugar! Irlanda, Inglaterra, Leemyar,

Titânia, o Château das Vertentes e o Mundo das Fadas são apenas

alguns dos lugares mágicos que te esperam!

My websites:






My Facebook page:


Brazil-Brasília-DF:  Wiccan Village-Temple of the Goddess


The Temple of the Goddess was born from the desire to share the wonder and Magic of ancient peoples and the ancient religions in an experiential way; the need to create a safe community for pagans and their celebrations. The Temple of the Goddess is a meeting place, of experimental, spiritual living and magic. It was born of a dream from the Priestess and matriarch of the Dianica Tradition of Brazil, Mavesper Cy Ceridwen, and became reality as a place where you can unravel the mysteries of Mother Earth through training, courses and experiences. Here we encourage, through lessons, personal development, self-knowledge, the search for the sacred in each of us, the connection with the nature that surrounds us, immersed in a living green space.

Website in Portuguese: http://templodadeusa.com.br

On Facebook: https://facebook.com/chacaratemplodadeusa

In partnership with the Breath of the Dragon, we will organize

in Brasília-DF, a day filled with activities, rituals and blessings with the Dragons.

Brazil-Brasília-DF: ALENTO DO DRAGÃO


Venha compartilhar experiencias e percepções a respeito de Dragon-Magick e Dragões. Sejam Bem Vindos!

The page Alento do Dragão is a place of reunion, the goal is to share experiences, visions and ways to access the wisdom and Magic of the Dragons. Scholars, lovers, beginners, advanced practitioners of magic with the Dragons of any belief or religion are welcome! Here are the administrators:

Dragony Scatha:

Dragony Scatha is 29 years old, He is a member of the Dianic Tradition of Brazil (TDB), He`s been wiccan since 2007, and has special worship of the Goddess Tiamat and Morrigan. Devotes part of his priesthood to Sacred healing and recovery. He is a blacksmith and through this makes connections with the dragons and gods of the forge and fire.

Morgana Luna Boanna:

Morgana is 37 years old. She is a member of the Dianic Tradition of Brazil (TDB), She`s been wiccan for over 15 years. A Floral and Reiki therapist, she loves to work with Oracles of the Earth like Ogham, runes, among others. She maintains a personal cult with the Goddess Morrigan and the Brazilian Native Goddesses, dedicating part of her priesthood to empower the sacred feminine.

Sebastian Baltazar:

He`s a self initiated wiccan and co-founder of the Coven, Sisterhood of the Moon. He`s Tarot reader, Design enthusiast, lover of TV series and addicted to coffee. He`s a member of the Dianic Tradition of Brazil (TDB) and devotes his spare time to courses, lectures and guidance to beginners in Wicca.

Alento do Dragão https://www.facebook.com/alentododragao

SP Brazil - Saille Samarah

I've always been fascinated by the fantastic world of mythical creatures. In October 2014, coincidentally the date of World Dragon Day,  I dreamed of a purple dragon. From this dream, I have made a special study of Dancing with improvisation and experimentation, inspired by the main theme - Dance with Dragons. The colors of each Dragon have a special meaning. I feel grateful and honored by the invitation and I hope to take the charm, magic and the healing power of these magnificent beings that transcend time and space: Dragons !!!

Sempre fui fascinada pelo universo fantástico das criaturas místicas. Em outubro de 2014, coincidentemente a data do evento, eu sonhei com um dragão púrpura. A partir desse sonho tenho feito um estudo individual em Dança com improvisos e experimentações, inspirado no tema central Dança dos Dragões. As cores e cada Dragão tem um significado especial. Me sinto grata e honrada pelo convite e espero levar o encanto, a magia e o poder de cura desses seres magníficos que transcendem o tempo e espaço: Dragões!!! beijos escamosos

My Dragon Dances on Youtube:


SP Brazil - Marcelo Sowelu

I'm a Wizard, dowser, radionics board operator, speaker, craftsman and I am a Dragon lover.

In magic, I work with Natural Witchcraft and chose the magic of the Dragons as my art!  I must express my art and passion for the Dragons, so when I saw on the Internet about World Dragon Day, I quickly wanted to get involved with the event in some way and realized it would be interesting to organize something in the open, here in São Paulo. Today our event is becoming large, with many people interested and introducing themselves, either with music or dance. I am grateful to the wonderful presence of the Dragons and their energy in this event and to meet so many other people around the world who share the same passion! Gratitude to all, draconis, draconis, draconis ...

Meu nome é Marcelo Sowellu, sou um Mago, radiestesista, operador de mesa radiônica, palestrante, artesão e sou amante dos Dragões. Na magia sou iniciado em Bruxaria Natural e escolhi a Magia dos Dragões como minha Arte! Por onde vou, faço questão de divulgar minha arte e a paixão pelos Dragões, tanto que quando vi na internet sobre o Dia Mundial dos Dragões, rapidamente quis me envolver com o evento de alguma forma e, percebi que seria interessante organizar algo em espaço aberto aqui em São Paulo e entrei em contato com os organizadore, solicitando autorização para realizar algo. Consegui reunir mais algumas pessoas e hoje o nosso evento, que até então tinha a modesta pretensão apenas de ser, está se tornando grande, com muitas pessoas interessadas em palestrarem e se apresentarem, seja com musica ou com dança. Sou grato à maravilhosa presença dos Dragões e de sua energia, por nos proporcionarem este evento e conhecer tantas outras pessoas mundo afora, que compartilham a mesma paixão!

Gratidão a todos, draconis, draconis, draconis...

Grimório dos Dragões

Pagina criada com o intuito de juntar material sobre Magia dos Dragões,

embasar estudos dos interessados pelo tema e divulgar minhas palestras e cursos!


e do grupo Dragão Mágico:


Liz Elhaz Oliveira - SP Brazil

My name is Liz Elhaz Oliveira, I'm a Witch, Natural Therapist, craftswoman and owner at Saboaria da Bruxa. I studied Bellydance for about 8 years and recently I have studied Tribal Fusion. I also give classes of handmade magic products like soaps, creams, body splash and potions. My love and admiration for the Dragons has been in me since childhood, but my awakening to the draconic magical world started about 2003. I will contribute to World Dragon Day with my tribal fusion style dance at the end of the activities in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Eu sou Liz Elhaz Oliveira, sou bruxa natural, Terapeuta Corporal e Complementar, artesã e proprietária da Saboaria da Bruxa. Estudei dança oriental por cerca de 8 anos e atualmente estudo dança tribal fusion. Ministro cursos de confecção de produtos mágicos artesanais como sabonetes, cremes, perfumes e poções. Meu amor e admiração pelos dragões vêm desde a infância mas o despertar para o mundo mágico dracônico começou em 2003. Também contribuirei com minha dança estilo tribal fusion no encerramento das atividades em São Paulo, Brasil.

www.saboariadabruxa.com.br                http://www.elo7.com.br/25a1dc

Bernard Castilho - SP Brazil

I am Bernard Castilho, I decoded the dragon oracle, I'm a Wizard, ecumenical, and a guide to the Goddess daughters in their pathway.

Eu sou Bernard Castilho, decodifique o oráculo do dragão, sou bruxo, ecumênico, e oriento as filhas da deusa em seus caminhos mágicos. Sou mago do caus, isso se for ver a forma com que lido com magia, praticamente como uma semiótica da magia. Por isso naturalmente sou ecumênico. Porque compreendo as estruturas comuns dentro das várias linhagens mágicas e espirituais.

Meu trabalho então é como uma ponte. Auxílio aquele que deseja encontrar seu caminho espiritual de acordo com a simbologia interna e a espiritualidade da linha mágica que se apresenta naturalmente. Na linha do dragão trabalho da mesma forma. Faço contato entre os meios e facilitou o desenvolvimento do karma. O oráculo do dragão tem um fundamento ligado a este movimento de ciclo e criação de sistema. Na prática tenho mais de 30 anos em leitura de tarot e defini uma estrutura comum de funcionamento de qualquer oráculo.

Lili Percinoto - SP Brazil

My name is Lili, I am a witch and I have this as a philosophy of life, I do well by doing good. I´m in Advertising and I like to do media graphics, I am a decorator and enjoy sewing as a hobby. I am owner of the site www.cartomantesdesara.com.br  I have an interesting dragon story - one day I experienced myself connecting with a white dragon and found he was a kind master. He told me: you do not see us in heaven because you are us, but as a human, I cried with happiness when I heard it. Then he said, do you want to remember how to be a dragon and feel its essence? When I looked at my hand, it was the hand of a dragon.... I was so happy I could not even talk anymore! That's my connection.

Olá querido bom dia! Meu nome é Lili, e sou bruxa e eu tenho isso como uma filosofia de vida , eu faço bem fazendo o bem, estou Publicidade e eu gosto de fazer parte gráfica das mídias , eu sou decoradora e costuro como um hobby. Eu sou a proprietaria do site www.cartomantesdesara.com.br Eu tenho uma história interessante com o dragão , um dia pode em uma vivencia me conectei com um dragão branco e descobri que ele era uma especie de mestre. Ele me disse: você não nós vê no céu porque você é um de nós, mas como um ser humano , eu chorei de felicidade . Quando ouvi isso, então ele disse , quere se lembrar de como ser um dragão e sentir sua essência ? Quando eu olhei para minha mão era o mão de dragão (pata). Eu estava tão feliz que eu não conseguia nem falar mais. Essa é a minha conexão.

Cartomantes de Sara - Consultoria Esotérica  www.cartomantesdesara.com.br

Wales      One Heart Web - Val Young and Marc Maramay

We work with Dragon energy, the Grandmothers and a whole host of Circles in the One Heart. With these Circles, we channelled a series of books and stories, including “Earth Will Be Reborn”. Val started working with the Dragons in 2004 to co-create Dragons Ho! – a set of Dragon Cards with original images created by Val and text from the Dragons, giving us insights into their different natures and roles. Val has also created One Heart Healing Arts or OH HA to facilitate events that creatively empower people, showing them how to make scented Essences and a wide range of magical creations.

Our website, One Heart Web: http://www.oneheartweb.com/

Dragon Cards, Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DragonsHoWisdomCards

Val on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/val.young.568

Marc on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marc.maramay

England  Gabriella Songbird, Heather Smith Cowen and Quentin Cowen

Gabriella very kindly recorded a special version of the song "Dragons Returning" for World Dragon Day. Gabriella, the sound-weaver  - also lovingly called ‘the Songbird’ by many friends – has a background in psychotherapy, gardening, farming as well as music. She has travelled extensively through Europe and the Americas following invitations to bring her healing music and vibrations to different parts of the planet. Gabriella gives healing sound-weaving Concerts, runs sound-healing workshops, co-facilitates vibrational healing workshops and retreats as well as transformational journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sites working with sound and Nature.

Gabriella's website:  http://peace-trails.com/

"My main focus and purpose has become to weave energies, vibrations and strands of consciousness into coherent fields of vibrational harmony within which everyone, every being, every atom and every cell can reach their next highest level of existence, manifestation and expression." 

Gabriella works and performs with Heather Smith Cowen, who is also part of Resounding Earth, with Quentin Cowen. 

Learn more here:


Holland      Cathelijne Angel Light Heart

My adventure with the dragons started about about five years ago after I was visited by a Golden Dragon in one of my visualizations. He has been a great help, both in my personal life and during healings and Light work.  The Dragon inspired me to create the Dragon Oracle and I have created many dragon sculptures since. My experience with the Dragon energy is one of no-nonsense support, yet at the same time deeply wise and magical. I have also been educated in Usui Reiki I, II and III, Bach Flower remedies, “Engelen Therapie Coaching” (Miracle Light Therapy) and Angelic Reiki.

My Journey with the Dragons:


My English Website:  http://www.angellightheart.com/wp/           

My Dutch Website: http://angellightheart.nl/wp/

Cathelijne on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/cathelijne.angellightheart

Scotland     The Scottish Dragon Wisdom School - Alphedia

The Scottish Dragon Wisdom School is run by author, spiritual facilitator and Dragon channel Alphedia who has been working with Dragons since 2006. Alphedia is also the founder of Scottish mind, body and spirit business, Elemental Beings. Elemental Beings teaches people how to communicate and meditate with Fairies, Dragons, Elementals, Angels, Unicorns, Crystal Skulls, Goddesses, Merlin, Animals and beings in the other realms. Alphedia runs popular workshops all over the UK and has recently introduced distance options so you can take part in the workshops wherever in the world you are.

My Dragon Website:  http://www.dragonwisdomschool.org/

Elemental Beings:  http://www.elementalbeings.co.uk/

Channelling: http://www.heavensportal.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alphediaelementalbeings

Australia - Topaz Drachen

I’m based in Sydney, NSW.

My Personal Website, Dragon Dreaming:


Facebook Page:


Dragonhenge - The Path of the Draconic Pagan:


United States – Carla Morrow

I am Carla Morrow, owner and artist of DragonLady Art studio. Using pencil and watercolor I create the images and worlds that exist in my mind, and bring them to the light so that others may share and enjoy the dragons and other creatures that I see.

I am the Lady who paints Dragons. Why Dragons? They are one of the few truly universal icons and images of mankind. Every culture as far back as we can study has believed in Dragons. They meant different things to different peoples, but always they were there.



Germany - Michael Schilling

Michael Schilling

Reiki-Master/-Teacher (Mikao Usui)

also Teacher for

Karuna Reiki® & Kundalini Reiki,

Kambo Kundalini Reiki.

Schulstrasse 41

Tel. 06684 9176801

36167 Nüsttal Hofaschenbach


World Dragon Day is on Saturday 5th of October 2019!

People all around the world will join together to celebrate the wonderful Dragons.  You can join in one of the events happening near you…

Or you can invite people to your own event.

Connect with other people who love Dragons here on this page.

Let’s spread the awareness of Dragon Energy around the world!