Connect with the Dragons, Heart to Heart

Dragon cards are a useful tool to help us connect with Dragons in our everyday lives...

We can use Dragon cards to help us invite Dragons into our lives and interact with them in different ways. We can get to know the different kinds of Dragons and their unique natures . We can also help them in their work for the Earth - just as they can help us in our everyday lives. Dragon cards can also be used in sacred Circles and ceremonies to invite in or invoke Dragons to help us in our sacred work. We can also make great Dragon friends!

Dragons are beings of deep wisdoms and they can help us find our own wisdom - even if is buried deep within us. So let's welcome these magical beings into our lives!

We can invite the Dragons into our everyday lives, and we can call on them when we need to - and we can help them!

Deep Dragon Wisdom

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Wisdom Cards

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The Dragons are loving beings of great wisdom willing to help you fulfil your potentials. They flow from love and freely share their wisdom with you. The Dragons will help you awaken as you journey with them.

Dragons are to Mother Earth as Angels are to The Divine… Dragons Ho! cards are inspirational images and words directly from the Dragons themselves.

Many common images of Dragons are old ones, based on fear and aggression, but in these cards their true natures are revealed as loving, flowing beings.

Many other facilitators now use the Dragon cards to inspire the people too.

Enjoy the magical ride and the adventures along the way!

By Val Young

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These positive messages are here to guide you through life's challenges and inspire you to take the steps to a happier you. The deck comprises of 34 individual oracle cards and their full meanings.

We have spent many moons finding a way to bring these cards into your home. We have laughed, we have cried and we have learned so much along the way. These little dragons have been with us for the ride and it has been uncanny and magical how each one's special message has guided us through. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support.     

♥Dream and Believe♥

Written by Michelle Fedele and illustrated by Jade Russell

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– for empowerment and spiritual growth

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Dragons are known to some as archetypes and to others as divine angelic beings carrying cosmic fire. These cards will help you attune to the archetypes and wisdom of the dragons and the wisdom within yourself.

Thirty-three cards with different dragons will give you insight into the qualities within yourself that you can further develop. They aim to support you on your spiritual path and help you work towards empowerment, wellbeing and healing. The booklet includes information on how to use the cards, descriptions for each of the dragon cards and their accompanying declaration to be used as affirmation.

By Cathelijne Angel Light Heart

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Dragon Essences

By Cathelijne Angel Light Heart

I have four elemental Dragon Essences: Earth dragon, Water dragon, Fire dragon and Air dragon. They correspond to

those four cards in the Dragon Oracle deck. They are now reduced from 12.99 to 8 Euro.

Water Dragon brings you flexibility and flow. It helps you to flow with life, acknowledging feelings, accept and express. This is the dragon of the emotions.

Earth Dragon helps you to be in harmony with your body, to ground and centered. This essence also encourages contact with the earth. The Earth Dragon helps you get in harmony and with your body.

Air Dragon helps you change your thought patterns and helps you open to loving and positive beliefs. The air dragon helps you to change negative thought patterns and to be open to loving and positive thoughts.

Fire Dragon helps you to follow your passion and your dream in life. He helps you to step outside your comfort zone to go for your life goal.  "Follow your passion and live your dreams!" says the Fire Dragon, who supports you gladly.

You can buy my Dragon Essences from: www.crystalangelessences.nl

(Website in Dutch and English)

   Cathelijne's Four Dragon Essences:

   Water Dragon, Air Dragon, Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon

   Waterdraak, Aardedraak, Luchtdraak, Vuurdraak


Deze prachtige Crystal Angel Essence brengt je flexibiliteit en flow. Hij helpt je om met het leven mee te stromen, gevoelens te erkennen, accepteren en uiten. Deze draak is verbonden met het element water en de westelijke windrichting. Met behulp van de Waterdraak kom je in contact met flexibiliteit, flow en meestromen met het leven. Dit is de draak van de emoties.


Deze prachtige Crystal Angel Essence helpt je om in harmonie te zijn met je lichaam, te gronden en gecentreerd te zijn. ook bevordert deze essence het contact met de aarde. Deze draak is verbonden met Moeder Aarde en de noordelijke windrichting. De Aardedraak helpt je om stevig te gronden en aarden. Het helpt je om gecentreerd te zijn in jezelf. Immers als je niet gegrond bent kun je niet stevig staan en vanuit je eigen kracht hier op aarde aanwezig zijn. Daarnaast helpt de Aardedraak je in harmonie te komen en zijn met jouw lichaam.


Deze prachtige Crystal Angel Essence helpt je jouw gedachtepatronen te veranderen en helpt je openstaan voor liefdevolle en positieve overtuigingen.

Deze draak is verbonden met het element lucht en de oostelijke windrichting. De luchtdraak helpt je om belemmerende, negatieve gedachtepatronen te veranderen en om open te staan voor liefdevolle en positieve gedachten. Dit doet deze draak door gevoelens en overtuigingen op te lossen die niet meer bij je passen. Het kunnen overtuigingen zijn, die ontwikkeld zijn door ervaringen in dit leven of uit vorige levens.


Deze prachtige Crystal Angel Essence helpt je om je passie te volgen en je droom te leven. Hij helpt je buiten je comfortzone te treden om je levensdoel neer te zetten. Vuur is het element van de Vuurdraak en deze is verbonden met de zuidelijke windrichting. “Volg je passie en leef je dromen!” , zegt de Vuurdraak. Hij ondersteunt je hier graag bij. Hiervoor is het nodig om datgene wat je tegenhoudt te transformeren en angsten aan te gaan. Door buiten je comfortzone te treden kun je je levensdoel neerzetten. De Vuurdraak ondersteunt je hierbij door je bescherming te bieden, vitaliteit te schenken, en daadkracht en assertiviteit te helpen ontwikkelen.

Deze essence is voor inwendig gebruik houdbaar tot augustus 2014. Om deze reden wil ik de voorraad graag leeg verkopen en geldt er een superkorting: van 12,99 voor maar 8 euro.


The Dragon Energy Center, Brazil

The Dragonlight Essences

We specialize in energetic therapies and techniques that assist in restoring the well being of people, animals and places. To support all beings and the planet in this process we have co-created the Dragonlight Essences. They connect us to the Earth and universal frequencies which best suit each one of us in our evolutionary process; helping us face our challenges and make any necessary changes in a positive and creative way.

Our aim is to help people to become self–aware, self-confident and self empowered. During this process you learn to connect with your personal creative abilities and build a healthy, loving and harmonious lifestyle. Check out our website for all the possibilities to connect to the power of the Dragon Energy! http://www.dragoncenter.com.br/

Watch an Introductory Video here (In Portuguese):


The Dragonlight Essences -The Dragon energies arrived in 2005 bringing information and guidance to create the Dragonlight Essences. The DragonLight Essences carry vibrational fields of consciousness from the elements of the Periodic Table (eg. copper, magnesium, and some combinations of elements such as brass, bronze etc.) they also carry the fields of consciousness from the color rays (Blue, Red, Yellow and combinations of colors Green, Purple, Orange etc.) these collective vibrations are the construction blocks that create our Universe.

There are two types of Dragon Essences, those from the Dragons themselves and also from the Baby Dragons. The Dragons help us to deal with the external world and everyday challenges we meet. The Babies help us to look inside ourselves and discover the roots of our issues, and they bring us light and understanding to heal the wounds of the past.

Essências Dragon

As Essências Dragonlight carregam a Consciência Elemental dos Dragões, proveniente de Energias Cósmicas e Terrenas. Cada um tem uma cor, personalidade, conhecimento e dom específico para dividir conosco durante a nossa jornada por esta vida. Eles estão aqui neste momento para nos ajudar a compreender as novas energias de Luz que estamos experimentando conforme entramos na Era de Aquário.


Nós, seres humanos, estamos passando por um salto evolutivo de consciência que pode ser excitante e perturbador ao mesmo tempo; as energias dos Dragões nos mantém alinhados com esse novo padrão, além de harmonizar, integrar e balancear essas mudanças dentro de nós mesmos. Os Dragões possuem conexões com as nossas habilidades criativas e ajudam a resolver os nossos problemas humanos, guiando a nossa atenção para soluções criativas.