In 2022, World Dragon Day will be celebrated on Saturday the 8th of October. There will be events and celebrations all over the world and details will be posted here. There will also be  Dragon events on other dates in October, with events in different countries. You will be able to find more details of these events on our World Events page... There are also other Dragon events in October and during the year - see our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/617925391659630/?fref=ts And you can join in!

World Dragon Day is Saturday October 8th 2022

People around the world will be coming together to celebrate the wonderful Dragons!

      More events are coming on other dates too - Find out about the events and people in these pages - and connect with other people who love Dragons all over the planet...

We're looking forward to World Dragon Day - and you can get involved!

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Dragons Returning - by Gabriella Songbird

This beautiful, spine-tingling Dragon song was recorded in a special version for World Dragon Day by the wonderful Gabriella Songbird! Great Gratitude and Love to Gabriella for giving this gift to people around the world - and to the Dragons,who are indeed returning!

We will hear more and more of their whispers and Dragon songs...

More about Gabriella and Resounding Earth on the "Who We Are" page

What is a Dragon?


Dragons are elemental beings with intelligent fields of conscious energy; they hold the knowledge of the universe. Once we lose our fear, Dragons will help us by opening the doors to universal wisdom and energies. The fields of consciousness created by the Dragons are capable of building bridges and portals to other dimensions; bringing higher levels of consciousness and pure energies to earth.


Why are Dragons here?


Their mission is to guide humans to co-create a new way of living harmoniously with nature and the Earth so we can evolve to our highest potential as human beings. The Dragons have to be asked to help as they will not interfere with our free will and insist that we co-create with them. But once asked, their action is fast and immediate. Dragon energies are the conscious intelligent energies connected to the elements of the periodic table. They claim themselves to be the engineers who brought the elements together to form our Planet Earth and everything we know in our third dimensional world.

What is a field of consciousness?


Energy is the condensed light that built everything from the planet to human beings. It is also the vital force without which we would have no physical animation. How strong we are depends on the amount of energy we have, without energy there is no life and without consciousness there is no intelligence. In fact, all matter is light and every form of life has a level of consciousness.


Fields of consciousness are the intelligent energies that hold the pattern of energy that creates matter, giving it structure, design and shape. The Dragons’ field of consciousness is capable of building bridges and portals to other dimensions; bringing higher levels of consciousness and pure energies to Earth.



From: http://www.dragonenergycenter.com


Co-creating with Dragons


What is Co-creation?


Co-creation happens naturally whenever our soul or inner knowing inspires us to take action and follow our passion or pursue our life purpose. However, it isn't always easy to listen to those quiet yearnings deep inside ourselves. We can become lazy and, without lifting a finger, choose to let the winds of fate blow us where they will.

Co-creation is really about getting in the game and doing your part to manifest your desires or meet your goals. Of course, you can always try to create something without your partner (God, Creator, the Universe, Higher self, or whatever you choose to call it), but good luck getting there. Know that we are not alone, and help is available.

Co-create Something Fabulous


When you call upon the Dragons for assistance, or ask your higher self for guidance don't sit back and leave the heavy lifting to them. Put some of your own energy into getting what you want or in finding the resolution to a problem. Co-creation is really about acknowledging that you are responsible for your own life.


The Dragon Energies are helping us to discover co-creative skills to help us solve our human problems. They teach us to transform and cleanse old negative energy patterns to make way for the new inspirational energies now available. Their goal is to strengthen and expand our perception of the interconnection of all living things on the planet. The Dragons lead us to improve communication and mutual understanding, allowing us to reach peaceful solutions where everyone is a winner.


From: http://www.dragonenergycenter.com

Image by Cathelijne  Angel Light Heart

Listen for the Dragon Songs…

“The Dragon songs have been long forgotten.  The Dragon calls have long gone unanswered, but still the Dragons sing - those that are awake - and they sing to those that are awake on the Earth. 

The Dragons gather too when they must act together, when they must weave their ways as One, as they always aim to do. For they know why they are born, as few humans do.  They have not forgotten themselves to the extent that people have.  Some have come to fear people, as people fear them.  Some have lost hope for humanity at times, when they have sensed what has taken place, but they have not turned on humanity the way humanity has turned on them. For they are creatures of love, who know love…

…And we love humanity deeply, in spite of all. We Dragons take our place in the circle, as we were in the circle at the beginning.  For we held the circle in the times when it seemed it would shatter forever.  With others, we held it, to keep it from breaking, we helped to save the Earth from a fate which She did not deserve.  And we helped humanity in unseen ways.  We acted out of love and though some Dragons did turn on humanity, they were sorely provoked and sought only to protect the Earth, and that which they guarded and held sacred for Her. 

For each Dragon is a guardian with ancient knowledge, with a special place in Creation, because we helped to shape the Earth, to make Her what She was and is.  Within our bodies, we hold wisdom of these experiences. Dragons have been the victims of many lies and misdeeds, but we do not seek recompense or revenge, we know the preciousness of the life that we are sworn to guard.

We are Guardians of the Heart and our existence is a vow to preserve life.  We have seen the seasons change through countless times. We have done our work in the Earth, in the Air and in the Water, and in the Fire.  We have helped in the balancing, we have guarded the grids and protected the webs, and we have repaired where necessary. Where we are needed, we do our work and keep our Earth in health and balance.

Now the time of awakening has come, and we will be able to do our work with greater ease, now we can call on help from the Dragons that are awakening within the Earth.  For we are calling forth all to help the Earth in her time of need.  We are rousing the sleeping ones and their presence will be felt more and more.  They will not always be welcomed by those who do not understand their natures.  So this will be a time when understanding will be needed. and those who know the ways - the Dragon ways, the Earth ways, the Heart ways, will be precious. Their work will be rewarded by the rebirth of the very world we live in.

But there will be enough who will remember them and will welcome their reappearance.  And the Dragons will weave their way through the Earth in visible ways, as now they weave invisibly. Though the work that needs to be done cannot always be done subtly or without noticeable change. 

So tell your friends to prepare for surprises;

for the Angels and Dragons are friends of old standing! 

And they will work together again even closer than they have done, and humanity will see the fruits of their labours.  Those people who share in the work will make very interesting friends…  They will be the envy of many!

The experiences we share will be part of the story of the New Earth and maybe these stories will become mythical. And some will say that such a world could never have been… where people had forgotten the Dragons, where they believed that Angels and Dragons did not get on!  How could such a world have ever been, they will wonder?

But we will know the truth, that it was part of a passing dream.  And now the reality we weave will have space for all natures.  For the Dragons’ friends are many, and myths never last once reality comes to life.

The Dragon breath is the breath of love and if you feel it on your neck, be not afraid.

An old friend has returned to help make a New Day…”

(From the Dragons in the Circles of the One Heart, 2003.)


From The Golden Dragons

The Dragon Threads are deep and broad – frequencies you can hear and feel...

They are also living genetic threads that run through you, connecting you to the core of the Earth, to all life within and upon Her. The Dragon Threads are golden threads, ancient and unifying. They are like a long, ancient spine along which the other threads run, and from which they branch off, like nerve-endings from the vertebrae. These Dragon tails stretch right back to the beginnings of life on Earth - so the tales a Dragon can tell have a lot of ancient wisdom within them!

Through the Dragon Threads, you can also connect to a source of healing. You can draw in healing from the Dragon Web of the Earth, which will run up through your body, through the Dragon energy-lines and the Dragon Threads within you.

You may call a Golden Healing Dragon to you. You can call on me, a Golden Dragon, to help you in your healing. We Dragons can help you in grounding, in reconnecting you to the Earth, especially when you have been travelling, spiritually or physically, and have arrived at your destination or returned home. When a Dragon flows along your spine, you can feel it grow as long as a Dragon’s spine, connecting you to the centre of the Earth. Then, along your Dragon tail, you can draw great healing.

The Golden Dragon holds the balance of all elemental properties and alchemical agents, of all healing allies and catalysts of change. The Golden Dragon embodies the unity of all the Dragon Threads and holds together as one the wisdom of the whole Dragon realm.

We Golden Dragons are waiting to be your friends again. We wish to dance and play again with you, to help you in healing yourself and helping others to heal. We hold the harmony of energies within us, and we have a long association with human beings from your beginnings. So we know you almost as well as you know yourselves – and sometimes better, it seems…! But we can help you remember yourselves, for we have not forgotten you. A Dragon’s memory is even longer than its tail!

The Golden Dragons are a healing circle you can call on.

We can come to you anywhere, though your healing can be amplified if you are in a natural setting. Do not worry if you cannot reach such a place, for we will find you… We will hear your call if you sing it from your heart, albeit silent to human ears. If your system has become out-of-balance, we can help restore those missing elements and properties within it. We can also open up your energies and draw to you what you need, whatever spectrum of energies you are lacking, whether they be material, spiritual or energetic. We can also help you open up lines of communication to other people, reawaken connections and enhance communication of all kinds.

On a larger scale, we can also help you clear the energetic threads that may still connect you to past events, family histories or unhealthy energies from national or tribal conflicts, as well as unhelpful inhibitions and habits. We help to reveal your true energies by melting away the veils that surround you, to reveal your true connections, your deepest truths. We will work with you in the appropriate areas, helping you to heal all that you truly wish to, and reveal all that you wish to acknowledge. Your inner wisdom guides us – as does our own…

(Excerpt from the One Heart Books, 2004)