Dragon Cards & Essences

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Connect with the Dragons

Dragon cards are a useful tool to help us connect with Dragons in our everyday lives...

We can use Dragon cards to help us invite Dragons into our lives and interact with them in different ways. We can get to know the different kinds of Dragons and their unique natures . We can also help them in their work for the Earth - just as they can help us in our everyday lives. Dragon cards can also be used in sacred Circles and ceremonies to invite in or invoke Dragons to help us in our sacred work. We can also make great Dragon friends!

Dragons are beings of deep wisdoms and they can help us find our own wisdom - even if is buried deep within us. So let's welcome these magical beings into our lives!

We can invite the Dragons into our everyday lives, and we can call on them when we need to - and we can help them!


– for empowerment and spiritual growth


Dragons are known to some as archetypes and to others as divine angelic beings carrying cosmic fire. These cards will help you attune to the archetypes and wisdom of the dragons and the wisdom within yourself.


Thirty-three cards with different dragons will give you insight into the qualities within yourself that you can further develop. They aim to support you on your spiritual path and help you work towards empowerment, wellbeing and healing.

The booklet includes information on how to use the cards, descriptions for each of the dragon cards and their accompanying declaration to be used as affirmation.


(Available in English and Dutch)

By Cathelijne Filippo

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Wisdom Cards


The Dragons are loving beings of great wisdom willing to help you fulfil your potentials. They flow from love and freely share their wisdom with you. The Dragons will help you awaken as you journey with them.


Dragons are to Mother Earth as Angels are to The Divine… Dragons Ho! cards are inspirational images and words directly from the Dragons themselves.

Many common images of Dragons are old ones, based on fear and aggression, but in these cards their true natures are revealed as loving, flowing beings.

Many other facilitators now use the Dragon cards to inspire the people who are working with them.

Enjoy the magical ride and the adventures along the way!


(Available in English and German)

By Val Young

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